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March 30, 2008
Itaewon-i-dong is our neighborhood. It’s up the hill where the Seoul city tower is 🙂 The place is close to Chris’ army base, which is good because he has to go in Early for Physical Training (PT) and formation. I usually get up when he does, around 5 something in the morning, so I can work on my daily chores, dishes from the night before, laundry and general house cleaning stuff.

Chris comes home around 7 and we have breakfast together before he leaves for work at 0845 am and then he comes back for lunch around 1130 and then he finishes work at 1700 and then we watch movies and do whatever before we go to bed. That’s pretty much my life during the week days 🙂 The time in between breakfast, lunch and dinner when Chris is away, I just do what I need to do, work on my long over due senior project(yes shame on me! :P), write emails, clean some more, or go out for walks or to get groceries. I’m hoping I will make some good female friends here soon, so I can go out and have some female company, hehe, it’s good being the girl in the all men’s world, but I miss girly talks and activities too!

Yesterday Chris and I went to aPm, a mall near the dong dae mung stadium, I got some nice clothes and shoes from there, have to start blending in here. I also got a manicure. I had some people thinking I was Korean and a taxi driver said I look like I could be a Korean superstar! How about that! If only I could speak Korean, I would have more chance at becoming one 😛 Later in the Evening we spent some time with his friends, we had a little get together at our place, to say good bye to a friend who’s leaving Korea in about a week and also to introduce me to his friend’s Korean wife, Bora. Chris said to her “You are the first girl she meets, so you are her best friend now ok!” haha. Poor Bora, my husband practically made her my best friend. She’s a nice lady, only a year older than me but she’s very sensible and sweet. I don’t really know about the future of our friendship right now, but so far I think she’s great!

Today Chris has his 24 hour CQ duty. He came home for lunch and bought a huge load of groceries, well for 2 people it was huge! Turned out he agreed with the other person on duty that he will take the day off and go back in the evening to take over. So he spent some time with me at home and we watched a movie, The Darjeeling Express or something, wasn’t that good, well at least we both agreed it wasn’t. We made pizza for lunch, frozen pizza, stick it in the oven and it’s ready to eat! It’s amazing how many frozen and instant food products they have, taste good though I won’t argue, but I still prefer fresh ingredients! I’m going to try to cook some Thai food here, but Korean supermarkets are so hard to browse as everything is in Korean, if I’m lucky there might be a little bit of label in English, but most products descriptions are 100% Korean. I haven’t been to the commissary on post yet, that’s where we get groceries, they have American stuff there, and hopefully some asian stuff like soy sauce and fish sauce. The PX is great, they have great stuff there at good values, again, American products. The troops must feel like they’re home!

Well after feeling wonderful having my husband home on a Sunday, he was called back on post in the evening, bummers! At least he will get tomorrow off! 🙂

I have to tell you about the other day when we went to have dinner at a Korean restaurant. The Korean family sitting close to our table had 4 little boys with them, and there’s this one cute little boy about 2 years old who looked our way and Chris waved at him. He looked at Chris, made a mischievous face, held up a fist, and slowly his middle finger rose up. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! We totally cracked up, Chris got flicked off by a 2 year old Korean boy! He saw that we were laughing and kept doing that for a while, he almost forgot to leave when his mom was walking away!

Well, I’m thinking I’m ending this blog soon, as I want to post some pictures as well. I’m well and healthy, have to be, walking up and down these hills in Seoul, good exercise! I’m starting to get used to the weather here, so I don’t feel as cold when I go out 🙂 The house is lovely, and so far there is no technical problems going on, everything works great and I’m still keeping it clean. I think this is a good opportunity for us to start the married life, as we have time to phase into it without too much pressure, as housing and a lot of other things like healthy insurance are taken care of by the Army. We have time to settle down into our life together, and plan ahead for the coming year when Chris is getting out of the Army, more responsibilities coming our way more bills. But at least we are phasing into that and not thrown into it as newly weds 🙂

I miss Thailand and everyone there of course and I hope everyone is doing lovely! It must be getting crazy hot over there! Keep cool and healthy! Please check back for updates(I will let you know when there’s a new post anyway) and please leave a comment 🙂 I’m married but I still love hearing from everyone!

Love always,
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  1. Bib permalink
    March 30, 2008 1:46 pm

    I’m your 1st comment, am I the 1st to read… well take care na I’ll go visit you guys 1 of these day let me save up korn na hehehehe miss you

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