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Seoul Searching

April 17, 2008

I haven’t been updating my blog since my first post a couple of weeks ago. Well!! It’s almost a month since I’ve been in Seoul, I don’t know the city that well yet. I don’t have a concept of how big it is. Not like Bangkok, it’s huge but I’ve been to many places, many times. I know how far places are from each other. I have a concept of how BIG Bangkok is, yet it feels small, cause I know it well. I haven’t explored Seoul that much and have a lot of ‘Seoul Searching’ to do.

Time has gone by so fast. It literally ‘flew’. Right now I’m just a housewife and a lot of people can’t imagine what I do everyday. But believe it or not. I could be doing a chore such as doing the dishes, and by the time I’m done I can’t believe time flew by ! Sometimes it feels like 5 minutes went by when it’s actually 30 minutes or an hour.

House keeping does take time., there’s always something to do. You cook, eat, and then you clean. You do laundry and you iron them. Blah blah.. Seems like little things but when you put them together they ‘eat’ time like a piece of cake. I can’t imagine what it would be like when I start working and doing other things here. I’m sure I will figure it out.

In the past few weeks without any updates, a lot has happened. But a lot of things are also not worthy of a spot in this blog so I will skip those. Balto is definitely worth it. We got a little Alaskan Malamute and named him Balto, after Balto the legendary sled dog. He was tested positive for Parvo a few days after we got him, and has been at the Vet’s since, today is his 7th day at the hospital. He’s been vomitting and pooping blood, it’s part of the disease. I went to see him this morning and the Vet said that if Balto doesn’t vomit today, he will try to feed Balto some food(other than fluid therapy) through a tube, as Balto won’t eat on his own. Please pray for our little Balto. He’s a tough little boy, fighting Parvo for 7 days now, which increases his chance of surviving this disease, as a 5-day time frame is the critical time period, Balto has gone over that. I will go see him again at 5 today. We go in to see him every day 🙂

Apart from Balto being sick, Chris and I are healthy and well, we are planning to go on a hiking trip this weekend. So I’m looking forward to that. But our plans also revolve around Balto right now, so everything depends on how Balto is doing 🙂

Chris has his 24 hour duty again tomorrow, and from my experience, I can’t sleep well without him here. The last time he had CQ duty I just played World of Warcraft, until 2 AM and I was really tired and just had to go to sleep.. haha. So that’s probably what I will be doing again tomorrow night. I will also get online on msn and skype.

My laptop screen is broken, and I’m on Chris’ computer now so I can’t type Thai. I found a website that provides a Thai keyboard online but it will take me forever to type a long Thai blog. I miss speaking Thai though.. sometimes I unintentionally speak to Chris in Thai. like I was agreeing with him in something and I said “Ner” I don’t know if he realized I was speaking another language as he didn’t seem to notice. I laughed to myself a bit. 😛

There are a few Thai restaurants in this area. So, of course, I had to try some. We went to this place called My Thai earlier this week and I had the green cury that tasted just like the real thing ! and it’s super HOT too! the place was packed with mostly Koreans! I’m glad they don’t go easy on the chillis. Pad Ka Pow was good except that the didn’t have any kapow and used onion shoots instead. It was good nonetheless.

I haven’t tried to cook Thai food here yet. But I managed to pick up Tiparos fish sauce and lime from the commissary. I picked up some chillis from the market today. So I will be making some spicey yum soon ! MMM… I’m drooling already.

Well well, this is getting long now, maybe I should update more often? So it doesn’t get too long each time ? I hope people actually read this. Do post some comments, as I don’t know how many people actually read it. I’m off now, until next time.. Ciao!!

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  1. hunnydebee permalink
    April 18, 2008 6:38 pm

    Jah!! i just read ur blog. very happy to know u r doing well there and i wish for ur puppy to get well soon too na.
    oh its 1.36AM here..i’m being an insomnia again..guess because i have so many things on my mind :p

    i miss u jung. miss talking to u and miss hanging out with u.

    take care nerr

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