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Beautiful People

October 23, 2008

Korea is full of beautiful women, who are all nicely dressed and made up. Most people leave the house perfectly groomed from head to toe(unless you are too young or too old to care). One of my friends told me that it’s part of the Korean culture to look presentable when you leave the house, it’s a way to show respect to the people you meet. Their faces are made up, hair nicely styled, clothes carefully picked and pieced together, shoes are for beauty not comfort. And of course the accessories that complete the look.

I do not have anything against people who dress up. I enjoy looking at beautiful people too 🙂 And coming from a city like Bangkok and a social background like mine, trust me I’ve come across a fair share of beautiful people. I’ve had my father giving me speeches about dressing right for each occasion. For example: When attending an event with aristocratic presence, it is not acceptable(in Thailand) to wear a dress shorter than knee length, no sleeveless shirts, shoes must cover your whole feel, strappy shoes are out of the question and definitely no flashy colors.

The tall girl is Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe 2005

While modeling, I’ve been made up and dressed up more than I thought I would. Everything was carefully picked by everybody ranging from the stylist, the director to the clients. Trust me there are many stages and outfits to go through before the final look that only appear 30 seconds on TV. Everything from earrings to shoes are picked even though not everything will be seen. They will change the color of your lipstick at the last minute just because “it doesn’t look right on camera”. If you are playing a wife, they will make sure you wear the ring.

In my everyday life however, I tend to remain minimal with what I do to my appearance. I just want to stay natural. I don’t want to raise people expectation of me and be disappointed when they see me without my outfit, accessories and make up. And believe it or not when I got ready for my modeling work whether it be the shooting day or the audition, I always show up clean-faced, humbly dressed because it didn’t matter what I was wearing. They would make me up to be what they needed me to be. I still dress up for special occasions though.. or when I feel like it from time to time. But usually jeans and a nice shirt completes my look.

I want people to see me for who I am not who I’m made up to be. And as for the beautiful people I’ve come across.. Of course there are those who are beautiful by physical appearance standards.. But the most beautiful people I’ve met are the ones, who regardless of what they’ve achieved, have remained grounded. The ones who remember to give and not just take. The ones who are your friends because of who you are not what you are.

Physical beauty is satisfying at first glance.. But a beautiful face with a mean spirit is no where near beautiful.. After a while they lose their charms. I find that people who may not be strikingly beautiful at first glance but have the hearts of gold possess everlasting beauty. I call them “Beautiful People”.

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  1. Timez permalink
    October 24, 2008 2:46 am

    Hey! Nice Blog Yourself! I did not know you had one! Thanks for the comment!

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