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Our First Pumpkin

October 24, 2008

The last couple of days have been dark and rainy… We got a little glimpse of sunshine this morning before it started raining again in the afternoon.. The weather in Seoul is getting colder.. That could be why it’s raining.. the clash of warmer air with cool winter breeze. Winter is really creeping in.. What’s creeping in closer however is Halloween!

I never celebrated Halloween before.. well.. not the pumpkin-carving or trick-or-treating american way.. Just a Halloween dance in Highschool where everybody dressed up. Halloween is a celebrated on a smaller scale among certain groups of people in Thailand. There may be parties here and there and a map of a neighborhood or apartment building marking doors that welcome trick or treaters. We do have a kind of Halloween-like celebration in Thailand, the Phi Ta Khon Festival, but it’s only celebrated in the Northeast of the country.

I expect Halloween to be a bigger event here in Seoul… especially in the Yongsan area, since it’s very much Americanized because that’s where the Army base is. I have been told that Itaewon is very lively on Halloween and that there are a lot of people walking around in Costumes, getting drunk and having fun. It would be fun to go people watching and take some pictures.. As for my costume.. I didn’t get one.. I might just get a wig or something. We’ll see!

Now the pumpkin carving. We bought a nice pumpkin last weekend… I cleaned up the inside and came up with a design.. and Chris brought it to life. And I must say what a great job he did!! He was pretty proud of the pumpkin because it turned out fabulous! He actually said that he never carved anything other than the traditional pumpkin face. So where is that pumpkin I’m talking about.. Here it is!!

Have a Happy and Haunting Halloween!!

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