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Missing in Action

March 18, 2009

I’ve been missing in action for a while and I promised myself I will keep this blog active.. so here I am šŸ™‚

We moved out of our apartment here in Seoul and are now in a hotel room. All our computers are shipped and on their way to the states. So I haven’t been online much.

I’ve been stressed out due to the realization that I shipped an important ID card which was in my jacket pocket along with the household goods that are on their way to states.. AND THEN.. when I was about to use my passport as a temporary form of ID… I realized.. It was no longer in my purse!!! I was pretty bummed out as I was due to leave Korea pretty soon.. Losing my passport put a stop to all that.

Luck was on my side when our realtor informed us that our landlord had my passport!

I got a new ID card made.. and am now making sure that my passport is safe and sound. I’m still chilling smiling and eating.. in a hotel room.

Our dog Koda the Malamute is at the Pet Stay here on post. And we’ve been visiting him every day. He’ll be traveling with my husband to the states.

Our family is making a big move.. a big career change for my husband.. from military to civilian(undisclosed overseas location where I can’t accompany him).. And I will have to figure out what I want to do next while he’s overseas.. Sacrificing for a better future.

My goal for this year is to focus on making the right moves for myself and the family. I’m maintaining a positive outlook.. Cheers!

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