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The Land of Smiles

May 14, 2009
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I’m back in the Thailand, the land of smiles. Well the first couple of weeks back weren’t so full of smiles. I was having to deal with missing my husband, the heat(April is the hottest month in Thailand) and of course the political chaos.

Everything has settled, We(me and Koda) are renting a lovely little house in a lovely part of town. It has cooled down a little too. The heat has been replaced with days of thunder storms(it is raining as I type).

Well!!! I have been looking forward to coming back to Thailand. It is funny how I seemed to realize how amazing my hometown(well, city) really is when I was away from it. How it is unique, fun, friendly, colorful and lively! I’m sure Koda thinks so too, apart from the heat, he has received such warm welcomes since he landed at the airport 🙂 And now he’s the neighborhood’s star.

Since I have been really bad at updating my blog.. I’m setting up a little project for myself so I have some pictures and stories from where I am to share with everybody. My husband will finally get to see our awesome neighborhood I’ve been bragging about 🙂 And frankly he needs a sightseeing tour of my hometown and I can give him a preview, perhaps he will be more interested to explore the city the next time he’s here! 🙂

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