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Bangkok Part 1: Lumpinee Park

May 16, 2009

IMG_4349I woke up to a beautiful day today, no rain. So I decided to go for a walk at Lumpinee Park, for a light exercise and also for some photo opts!

Lumpinee Park is known as the lungs of Bangkok.  It is no where near New York’s  Central Park in size but it is big and green enough to make me happy 🙂  I’ve lived around Lumpinee Park pretty much my entire life. I’m glad that I’m able to find a lovely place to rent(now that I’ve moved out of my parents’) near the park again.

Activities at Lumpinee Park include jogging, cycling, rollerblading, weight lifting, ballroom dancing, Taichi, Pilates, Yoga, etc. All these are free of charge. People come together to form groups and meet up in the morning and do their things.  Older people here are very active, they do some power walks(their arms look like they are running but their legs are just walking fast). I love to stop and watch the Taichi gang moving slowly yet gracefully in the greens.  Some of them do a sword Taichi, it is very cool looking 🙂 I’ve also seen a Fan Taichi group. After they are done with their activities all the grandpas and grandmas move over to their little Tea area, where they sit together to have some light breakfast and Chinese Tea before they head home.

IMG_4327Since Lumpinee Park is located in the business area, there are also a lot of foreigners at the park, some are expats and some are tourists. Everything fits right in to place, including the animals. There are some stray dogs and cats, of course there are pigeons and other birds, bugs of all kinds and one of the most successful species at the park is the Monitor Lizard.  They come in all sizes too, and you will see at least one if you’re at Lumpinee Park.  They have a little aviary section where they keep some parrots and other birds, but I never really went in to have a closer look.  I only wish that pets are allowed in the park, but surprisingly enough, they are not.

There is a little vocational school in the park, where they teach people certain skills, such as baking, cooking, hair dressing etc for free. I’m thinking of going over there and learning something while I’m free.  Learning new things is always fun and nothing can go wrong!  😉

Enough of the talking, here are some more pictures!




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