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Shape Up!

May 27, 2009

My friends always tell me. “You’re not fat!!!”  Well I never said I was obese, I was actually on the skinny side but that still doesn’t mean I was in a good shape. I would consider myself what they call a skinny fat.  And that didn’t feel healthy or attractive – and practicing good self maintenance is still very important in a marriage. My arms and legs looked fine but my thighs and tummy(which are almost always hidden under my clothes) were pretty much, well, flabby.  So I set myself on a mission to do something about that.

Maintaining yourself doesn’t have to mean you’re a high maintenance person. I considered joining a gym but I’ve been down that road before, and I always felt like they were shoving their tightly bound and unfair membership contract down my throat. It’s all about making sales and not promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle. And being the enthusiastic Googler I am(always looking things up), I searched for websites that offer workout routines I can easily follow at home. And after filtering out those sites that are just trying to sell e-books that promise to reveal the fab-abs secrets and what nots I finally found a perfect match.

I found BodyRock.Tv and at first I thought their main target must be men! Zuzana – my online personal trainer 😉 – is very sexy and her outfits show that well(I love her workout clothes)! But while men may gasp at the sight of her, I find that her toned body is also a great motivation tool for her followers – well it motivates me! BodyRock.Tv also provides a lot of good materials other than exercise videos, such as diet and healthy lifestyle tips. Their workout routines require little or no equipment and use your own body weight for resistance(Saves you a lot of money on gym membership and also from fad machines).  I absolutely love Zuzana’s routines, some are pretty intense, but there are many workouts to choose from and you can always choose the right ones to start you off.

I chose the “Summer Fitness” routines to start off and I’ve been on this routine for over two weeks.  And It’s been so much fun! The workouts are definitely fun but the results make it that much more rewarding. I’m more toned(and will get toner) and so much stronger too! I’ve been keeping a workout log, so I know how much I have improved.  Apart from the Summer Fitness program I also chose some routines that focus on my abs and glutes(my butt is on the flat side) to add on the sides.  I didn’t officially take any “before” pictures. But I have some pictures from my beach trip before my workouts and I plan on following this workout a little longer before I start taking “after” pictures. I’m happy with where I am right now though but its not dramatic enough for some photo opts yet 🙂

BodyRock.Tv is absolutely awesome. They are not selling anything. Everything is absolutely free and sincere. They are all about a healthier lifestyle and getting in shape. They are not paying me to write this (not that anyone would) but I’m putting in some good words for them because I sincerely appreciate what they’ve done and what they stand for.  And I always pass them on to my friends, those who are fitness junkies and those who want to start alike.  Because BodyRock is simply awesome!

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