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Almond Biscotti

June 10, 2009


I made these Biscotti today following a recipe on They baked beautifully. The recipe received rave reviews (72 reviews with an average of almost 5 stars). I think they are a little too sweet for my taste. I love a more balanced flavor with a more buttery salty taste, not to make it salty, but to cut the sweetness… or maybe less sugar.  I dipped them in chocolate to give them more flavors and balance the sweetness, but they are still too sweet for me. My flavor reference would be the Nonni’s Turtle Pecans Biscotti. I absolutely adore those! Maybe if you like dipping in a bitter dark coffee then these biscotti would be perfect for you.

I’m planning on using this recipe as a base and adjusting it to my taste next time 🙂 If you have a biscotti recipe with the flavors I’m looking for please let me know. Click here for this Almond Biscotti Recipe.

I have more things to blog about but I will leave them for tomorrow 🙂 Until then ! Have a wonderful day!

******* UPDATE : I just had a piece as a bedtime snack and it tasted so much better, less sweet and lovely with milk ! Will still tweak this recipe though 😉



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