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Meat Free Monday #1

June 22, 2009

I made it through my first Meat Free Monday! Not only that I didn’t eat any meat, I also didn’t eat cheese, eggs or any other animal related product.

For breakfast. I made some pumpkin spread to go with wholewheat toasts. I boiled the pumpkin cubes in water, added some garlic and pepper and mashed them up and used as a spread. I added some soy sauce to the water before cooking the pumpkin. This was a fulfilling breakfast because it was flavorful. I wanted it to be more on the food side rather than the sweet side because I wanted to make sure it filled me up. I think that you can also make a sweet spread from pumpkin as well 🙂

pumpkin spread

Lunch was easy. Just tossed up some salad, I added some corn, again, to fill me up. I used a Japanese salad dressing and lunch was a delicious and satisfying meal.


I was looking forward to making some potato cakes for dinner but the pieces fell apart while frying so I ended up with a casserole from what I managed to save before they melted into nothingness. Next time I will add some flour into it to keep the batter from separating. I also made some cabbage stir fry, no picture of that though. Dinner was a success(after the potato cake failure) and now I’m stuffed. My potato cake mix turned out so good that I will post the recipe next time I succeed at actually making potato cakes.  Now, here’s the picture of the potato cake turned casserole 😛


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    June 22, 2009 7:01 pm


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