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Kamlai and Her Stem Cell Treatment

July 17, 2009

I blogged about Kamlai, a poor elephant injured in a motor accident, about a month ago.Β  She’s believed to be the first elephant to receive stem cell treatment. Her story is not featured on TV that often, as right now we have a new born baby panda, and everybody is focused on that. She’s cute and all, but everybody would like to know how Kamlai is doing too! I’m glad I managed to find some articles on Kamlai on the internet. Some people have even visited her and blogged about that.. in Thai πŸ™‚

So far the vets are happy with her recovery. She’s now on a special bed that rotates to minimize bed sores. Her broken leg is healing well enough that the vet decided to remove the cast. She’s getting more lively and can now use her trunk to spray water on herself. I saw a video footage and she seems much happier and quite playful, even in her condition πŸ™‚ I think what matters the most is her spirit and I’m happy to see her so lively.Β  She looks quite skinny because she hasn’t moved in so long. I think her physical therapy pool should be ready right about now as they are expecting her physical therapy mid July. They built the pool for her but other elephants will surely benefit from it.

Her stem cell treatment has been successful and they are planning on a second one if they haven’t already begun treatment already πŸ™‚

Here are some pictures I found of her πŸ™‚


Tony Jaa,Β  a Thai superstar stunt, also paid her a visit(as seen in this picture). He grew up raising elephants. He brought her some fruits and gave her a bath.. Talk about a star treatment! πŸ™‚



********** Kamlai passed away onΒ  July 29th evening. RIP*********

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