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Kanchanaburi Trip and On the Move again!

November 20, 2009

I haven’t been that active on my blog lately. Since my husband came back from Iraq, I’ve been spending a lot of time with him and we’ve been chilling with friends and traveling. We went on a little river adventure trip in Kanchanaburi province of Thailand, and we had such a wonderful time visiting historical sites like the Hellfire Pass, War Cemetery, and the Bridge Over the River Kwai.

We stayed at this on a raft house right on the river. It was just so peaceful. WE left the resort on a bamboo raft to get back to the real word. One of the best trips we’ve ever taken in my opinion. It was no luxurious getaway but a lot of fun 🙂 Better do it while we’re young !

The highlights of the trip was the morning bath with the elephants and hiking and cooling down at Erawan Waterfall. A lot of people who come to Thailand always want to ride elephants. We’ve done a lot of elephant riding and while it’s a great experience.. Elephant bathing was just awesome! ! 🙂 The elephants enjoyed it too, which made it so much better.

These are the friends we made on the trip, great people 🙂

Another update from our side of the world is the BIG MOVE. We’re heading back to Korea this time to Osan AB. Look forward to being done with moving! Ai! haha I’m going to take some time visiting some of my favorite blogs now 🙂


****************OHH BIG NEWS(FOR ME) Martha Stewart Living is available in Thai language! Which means it is cheaper! The imported English issues are 425 baht or 12 bucks each. YIKES! I couldn’t grab the first issue because I’ve been in Korea the first half of November and they are all SOLD OUT at the magazine stand near my house.. And I think pretty much every where else.. BUMMERS! Thai people love Martha too 🙂 Since I will be in Korea and on a US military post I guess I will be grabbing the originals soon!

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