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Holiday Greetings from Us!

December 6, 2009

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This is an early holiday greetings from us(Me, Dear Hubby and Koda the Dog) Happy Christmas(as the Brits say it) and Happy New Year!
with love and a warm big bear hug,
I hope this video brings a smile to your face! And don’t forget to ElfYourself! I remember wanting to ElfMyself last year but I was too late. Well I made it this year!
A little update. I mentioned in my last post that I’m on  the move again. Well, due to some technical issues with his work, since hubby is working overseas, we are still in limbo. Hubby is in Korea, Koda and I are in Thailand. I don’t want to get into the specifics about the problem because I want to respect his privacy. Let’s just say if this doesn’t get worked out for the better I will be stuck here and he has to go back to the US.
A US visa for a spouse takes a long time. So it will be a long separation. At this point we will be blessed to just get to spend the holidays together. Our anniversary is coming up on January 10th. Right now I can only day dream about being reunited. It sucks to be separated and it sucks even more to not know when you’re going to see each other again. Enough with my moping.
Just want to remind you to cherish your loved ones and enjoy the holidays together. Sometimes you might take it for granted, because you’ve been spending the holidays together for years. When you forget, think of people like us and remind yourself how blessed you are to get to spend Christmas and New Years with your family!
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  1. December 19, 2009 12:10 pm

    Oh no…I’m so sorry that you have to be separated! That stinks. 😦

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