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My First Roast

March 12, 2010

We had our couple friends over for dinner the other night. It was so refreshing, I haven’t gone any where for weeks, except to get groceries, while my husband stayed behind to take care of our friend’s little girl.  It was lovely to spend some quality grownup time. We put the little girl to bed at 8:30. And we got to talk and watch movies without me having to keep an eye and ear on a kid. No offense kid 🙂

I also did some online shopping on as I can get things shipped to my hubby’s APO. I really wanted to go shopping, I just arrived in Korea on Feb 18th and have been babysitting since Feb 27th. Read my previous blog if you don’t understand what’s going on 🙂 I didn’t bring much of my clothes with me as I couldn’t carry everything I had… Plus most of my clothes are old and are only fit for summer anyways, since I moved from Thailand. So it is refreshing to at least know I will have decent things to wear by the time the little girl goes back to her parents, so I don’t have to worry about it until our house is set up.

Back to the dinner! I cooked a rump roast in the slow cooker, yes we decided to go for the cheaper cut of beef since it was my first roast, I wasn’t so confident 😛 And I was right ! The roast turned out rather bland. So I admitted to everybody and told them to season their roast and don’t feel bad about it. Even I seasoned my roast! 😀

I was too careful with the salt as I didn’t want my roast to turn out too salty but now I know what to do next time ! 🙂 My dessert was a success though. I made some peachy surprise cupcakes to go the with ice cream we had in the freezer and my hubby said it was lovely! My hubby remains my best critic 😛 I will post the “Peachy Surprise” Recipe later 🙂

We also had a good amount of snow 2 days ago, which was a good surprise and a beautiful morning to wake up to. Koda definitely l0ved it!

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