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Time-Sharing Cows

June 30, 2010

I just read about this interesting practice among some health conscious individuals. Most milk we see at groceries stores have been processed(pasteurized, ultrapasteurized, Ultra High Temperature(UHT), homogenized) for safety and longer shelf-life. So some people have opted for a “healthier” way to obtain milk which is “raw” from their time-shared cows. It’s simple you and some other people pay a certain amount of money to own this cow and care for it, and you get to drink her fresh “untreated” milk.

There are some concerns regarding homogenized milk in particular, I won’t go into details. Those who are interested, please look it up, especially people with kids. I’m not a super health-conscious freak, I’m not trying to scare anyone, I usually go by instinct but I just stumbled upon this topic.

If anything, it is reminding me to think more about all these ”words” used to describe what processes our food has been through and how we easily ignore their meanings.

A perfect example is in my case of “homogenized” milk. I didn’t like the term “homogenized” at first but then I thought “it can’t be that bad if the groceries store is selling it and many other milk brands are labeled the same.”  I assumed it must be a very good treatment, plus the milk doesn’t have a foul smell and tastes delicious! I never thought “homogenized” milk would have any controversy attached to it.

Anyone interested in time-sharing a cow ? 😉

A little side note::::: I’ve lived in Thailand all my life and most milk brands are pasteurized or UHT. I haven’t come across homogenized milk before until I married my hubby and started to buy milk from US Military installations here in Korea. Maybe the base commissaries carry more homogenized milk because of their long shelf life. I’m not quite sure how it is in the US. Please share your thoughts in the  comments section! 🙂 Thank you!

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