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Appreciating a Rainbow- or Two!

August 11, 2010

It’s been quite rainy where I am, which is a little city called Songtan, South Korea. The weather has been unbearably hot the last couple of days. It was rainy all night last night and all day today. I was cooking dinner in the kitchen,  while at the same time,  scolding at Koda (our dog) because he was pacing around non-stop. He wanted to go outside to use to the bathroom but “it’s raining Koda!”. He just had a bath yesterday and I wasn’t about to allow that wet dog smell to ruin everything so soon. I did let him out a couple of times when the rain wasn’t too heavy so he could do little number ones though. ^_^

My husband was getting ready for work(yes, work after dinner-night shift). Koda pacing around. Me cooking in the heat, trying to have the meal ready in time, thinking about Koda and my husband’s shirt that needed ironing and all that rush hour madness(I’m not a perfect housewife-hehe).  At one point I looked outside to check on the weather, to see if I could let the dog out, I spotted a rainbow on the horizon.

“YAY! A Rainbow.!!” I called to my husband “Babe! I have something to show you, come out here!”

Being the dork that he is.. he said “I’m in the middle of a game honey, I can’t just leave!”..  -_-‘

So I went to grab my camera. And took a picture!

And then I stepped outside and looked around.. and saw that it was:

A full arc rainbow!!! It was more breath-taking in real-life. At this point, I wished I have a wide angel lens or an attachment.

Of course, while I was capturing the full rainbow and admiring it’s beauty.. I spotted:

Another rainbow appearing along-side the first one, making it a double rainbow!

I just wanted to share these wonderful moments from today on this blog.  I want this documented on here, as a reminder to myself and everyone else, to remember to appreciate a rainbow( or two ! ) any time you have a chance. It’s simple and it’s free but it’s a very uplifting experience. And if you don’t really find it uplifting, then maybe you need to stop and remember to appreciate the little things in life such as this. Hold on to that part of your soul! ^_^

PS. My husband did come out to see the rainbow eventually, and he was happy too!

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