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What’s cookin’ Goofy-Lookin’ ?

August 24, 2010

I’ve been writing too many random blog posts lately. Pondering and venting and ranting about life in general. Yes I tend to do that sometimes.


I think It’s about time I post an update from the kitchen! I decided to create a photo album dedicated to my cooking on facebook. My friends and family seem to love them. Most of them are surprised I can cook(and make it look nice too!). Yes I’m often underestimated in more areas of life than one(I’m not sulking though, I love that I can surprise people and prove them wrong šŸ˜‰ )


Today I made this refreshing and filling Japanese Potato Salad following the recipe from, it was meant (mainly) for my husband’s lunch box (the rest for me! haha). Turned out my husband didn’t have to go to work today -_-Ā  I don’t know how long this Potato Salad is going to last. Certainly not until it’s spoiled! I’ve been nipping at it, little by little in the last few hours. And I’ve just made myself stop 3 minutes ago (just so I can enjoy it tomorrow too)


I love Japanese food, I love the way it smells, I love the way it’s prepared, I love the way it tastes. I just LOVE Japanese food. It’s not the same way I love Thai food or Italian food. I can’t pinpoint exactly what aspect of Japanese food I like. I think that Japanese cooks/chefs handle the arts of cooking very well.Ā  Even the dishes that derive from outside of Japan, like this Potato Salad, are so beautifully tweaked. Oh and their baking is awesome too! The light and fluffy Japanese Cheesecake, I still have to master that! I can probably write a whole blog post about Japanese food. So delicately prepared and presented. So precious. Not to mention so fresh and wholesome.


All dishes I love, I want to be able to create. Which is a useful habit, if there comes a time when I have to live far away from the city(like right now) where there aren’t many restaurant options. Sometimes I worry that if I try my hands at too many things that I won’t be “REALLY good” at something. But I just follow my heart šŸ˜›

Here is me, drinking the Omija Tea at a cafe in Seoul


My friend from highschool, Undram, came to Korea for a visit. If you’re thinking “who comes to Korea for vacation?” She happens to love Korean TV drama :). So as a result I had a wonderful day hanging out with my old friends, sipping iced tea on a hot Friday afternoon.


We also shared a bowl of green tea ice cream on shaved ice.


And bought these cute little anime-style rings. I bought them for other people but one of them broke. And those two people happen to be twin girls. -_-


Wow another long blog. I hope that wasn’t too much rambling! ^__^ I notice that I have readers every day.Ā  But I rarely get any comments. Please, please, please, leave my some comments if you can. I love them ! šŸ™‚


And to end this post.

Here is Koda the Alaskan Malamute, caught in the act. He’s not supposed to be sleeping on the couch like that. But he looked too cute to be scolded so I grabbed the camera to take a picture instead.

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