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A New Look!

August 5, 2010

I designed this theme tonight and I’m quite happy with it. It’s simple and clean, a good change I think.

The past few weeks have been wonderful. We went to the Boryeong Mud Festival, and let’s just say, I was submerged in MUD. My husband thought it would be fun to try to wipe me out in the mud pit/pond, he came at me so fast, I fell down, the mud flung up and folded over my face..I can still see the slow-motion of that moment. There was mud every where, in my face, in my ears, in my nose, in my mouth, in my eyes.. It was hilarious! I was a huge ball of mud! I would have a picture taken of this epic moment if our friend, who had the backpack with everyone’s cameras in it, didn’t decide to walk off and explore.

I was blinded by the mud, so all of us went down for a dip in the ocean to clean off.. and then we got into some colored mud fun. Now this ! I have a picture of

This was the first time I played with mud since I was 6 or 7 years old!

We’ve been making multiple trips to Seoul in a row just to go to our favorite sushi joint. Believe me it was worth the trip!

Rollin’ is located in Itaewon, opposite the Hamilton Hotel, below ColdStone Creamery. Yummy Sushi and rolls.

We highly recommend this place, we’ve brought many friends there as well.

Rollin’s yummy creations. They have other non-sushi Japanese dishes as well. I loovee Japanese food!

And we all went to grab some drinks after our delicious meal. This was at Gecko’s. I look pregnant here, but I’m not.

It’s just the way the dress was leaning  forward ^_^

Me and my hubby also went to the Cat Cafe in Myeong Dong but I will make an individual blog about that! ^_^

Let’s just say that the past few weeks on hiatus (from the blog) have been wonderful, so my absence was a positive one. I will be better and try to update my blog on a regular basis! Blog ! Blog! You lazy butt!! **Spanks Spanks**

Until next time.. Have a lovely day filled with happiness!


Haven’t blogged in a few weeks!

August 1, 2010

Looks like my custom css upgrade has really expired..Rest assured! I will make a new layout and get it up there again.. in the meanwhile I will change the layout into something more sightly !

I really don’t know how many of my readers are regular visitors. I think most people just stumbled upon my blog somehow.. hahaha… oh how I wish I’m a great blogger that I have a number of regular visitors! 🙂

But what more can a girl ask for right ? I’m so blessed to have visitors everyday. I will be back to post some pictures and stories of the last few weeks!

Have a lovely day!

Love Motels of Seoul

July 12, 2010

Since we don’t live in Seoul anymore, it has become a short trip destination for us as we still have some friends there and of course… for fun and shopping ! 🙂 We usually spend the night at a love motel if we miss the last bus back to Songtan. Why? Because “love motels”, as dodgy as they sound, are quite cheap, clean and convenient. They usually go for about 60,000 70,000 won a night (60-70 USD depend on exchange rates) What I really like about love motels here are their amenities kits that include : cutton pads, cutton buds, hair band, make up remover, face wash. The bathroom usually have good body wash, shampoo and conditioner. And you can find body lotion, moisturizer(for both men and women) and even hair gel on the dresser. Oh and of course, condoms! They are love motels after all! They usually have a nice flat screen TV and two computers with internet access in the room too.

The last motel we stayed in have themed rooms. I picked a street style room because I never stayed in a room like that before. Haha..They also have Alice in Wonderland room but it wasn’t available 😦

Here are some pictures, wordpress wouldn’t let me rotate the pictures, but I posted them anyways!

Hotel Logo Embroidered on the pillow cases.



Awesome TV and our feet

The no-privacy bathroom. Haha

Time-Sharing Cows

June 30, 2010

I just read about this interesting practice among some health conscious individuals. Most milk we see at groceries stores have been processed(pasteurized, ultrapasteurized, Ultra High Temperature(UHT), homogenized) for safety and longer shelf-life. So some people have opted for a “healthier” way to obtain milk which is “raw” from their time-shared cows. It’s simple you and some other people pay a certain amount of money to own this cow and care for it, and you get to drink her fresh “untreated” milk.

There are some concerns regarding homogenized milk in particular, I won’t go into details. Those who are interested, please look it up, especially people with kids. I’m not a super health-conscious freak, I’m not trying to scare anyone, I usually go by instinct but I just stumbled upon this topic.

If anything, it is reminding me to think more about all these ”words” used to describe what processes our food has been through and how we easily ignore their meanings.

A perfect example is in my case of “homogenized” milk. I didn’t like the term “homogenized” at first but then I thought “it can’t be that bad if the groceries store is selling it and many other milk brands are labeled the same.”  I assumed it must be a very good treatment, plus the milk doesn’t have a foul smell and tastes delicious! I never thought “homogenized” milk would have any controversy attached to it.

Anyone interested in time-sharing a cow ? 😉

A little side note::::: I’ve lived in Thailand all my life and most milk brands are pasteurized or UHT. I haven’t come across homogenized milk before until I married my hubby and started to buy milk from US Military installations here in Korea. Maybe the base commissaries carry more homogenized milk because of their long shelf life. I’m not quite sure how it is in the US. Please share your thoughts in the  comments section! 🙂 Thank you!

Banana Almond Muffins

June 22, 2010

We had two overripe bananas on hand, so I decided to make some banana muffins. This is an adaptation of the Banana Nut Muffins recipe on I call it an adaptation because I only two bananas and the recipe called for 3, the recipe called for walnuts and I used almonds instead and the recipe called for espresso but I just added a french vanilla coffee mix because I don’t have any espresso ( note to self* stock up on some espresso)

The result of my little tweaks was a batch of delicious muffins! 🙂 I love the boldness of the aroma and the flavors, so wholesome. They remind me of a small, warm and welcoming little bakery that hand-bakes every little item with love. The recipe is very simple and straight forward. has become my new favorite source for great recipes.

I love bold recipes that don’t hold back.

Kyochon/Bonchon Chicken! An imitation that satisfied my cravings!

June 18, 2010


__Chicken and Crust __
*8 pieces of chicken wings
*1 cup all purpose flour
*1/4 cup corn starch
*salt to sprinkle on chicken

*1 tbsp soy sauce
*2 cloves of garlic
*3 drops apple cider vinegar or vinegar
*1/2 teaspoon mirin
*1/2 teaspoon honey
*1 teaspoon sugar
*1/3 cup water

for instructions please watch video listed below! 🙂

i followed an instructional video on youtube.. it doesn’t specify the amount of each ingredient so i guestimated it as i watched the video:

Kyochon doesn’t deliver to our house.. but they don’t need to ! 😉 now i can take kyochon where ever i go. 

a really good imitation! must try!

Happy Quilt Fabric Warehouse in Songtan

June 16, 2010

UPDATE !!!! *******APRIL 10th, 2011 : I have left Korea, so I’m no longer a happy quilt customer 😦 but a reader is kind enough to leave a comment to let everybody know that “Happy Quilt will be moving to a new location soon. The guy today told us they would be moving in June and the new shop will be near Jije Station (that’s the train/subway station near the Pyeongtaek E-Mart on Little 1).”

PS.. I don’t know what happened to my other Happy Quilt pictures. I checked in my wordpress media library and they are gone 😦 Since Happy Quilt is moving, those pictures will no longer be helpful.. Since they are pictures of the outside and the sign, to give you an idea of what the place looks like.  Good luck in finding your way to the new Happy Quilt(in June).. If you blog about it please send me a link! 🙂 I will link to your post from here.


I’ve read about Happy Quilt before but the sites that stated the directions are either down or deleted. So I went ahead and created a google map that shows a path from Osan Airbase Main Gate to Happy Quilt. Here’s an explanation:

**Happy Quilt is open from 10:00AM to 05:00 PM !!!!Closed on Tuesdays!!!!**

-Upon exiting Osan Main Gate, turn right

-Turn left at the small junction. Keep going straight down that road, over the bridges and pass the school, and all the apartments, after a short while the buildings start to fade and the road widens.

-When you are approaching a BIG intersection veer right and turn right at the intersection, this should take you on 317. (there are little intersections along the way . Don’t get confused.. keep going until the buildings fade out .. you want to get to 317.. if in doubt look at overhead signs)

-Keep following the road until you hit another big intersection,turn right at that intersection.

-Keep right and turn right at the next intersection, you will see a gas station, then you shouldn’t miss the “Happy Quilt” Sign (PLEASE NOTE: Keep right, this is a short drive)

*****You can always look at the map, I’ve drawn a path there 🙂

This phone number(010 9292 8502) was written on the white board with some Korean scribble that I don’t understand but you could try to call it when you get on a cab and hand the phone to the driver. Or you could call the number on the big sign. There is one guy at Happy Quilt who speaks sufficient English, so you should be fine 🙂

I hope that this post will be useful for foreigners living in Songtan. You can leave me a comment here if you have questions 🙂 I tried to search for directions but I didn’t find one, since the USFK forums has been hacked and another lady deleted her blog. So I think some other people will run into this very problem. I found some coordinates before but I can’t find them now I will update as soon as I find it.

I asked if I could take this picture as I was leaving 🙂 Of course I could.


These little buddies were sending me off. They waited with me while I was waiting for my cab.



This is the stack I brought home today, I went for the ready pack fabrics, it was really convenient.

They were 6000 won a piece.. Each piece is 2 yards.

They have a whole bunch of them. But you can always get the longer pieces cut from the rolls!




Now this is going to make sewing geeks jealous! I’ve found another reason to be happy with Happy Quilt. I live on the 317 and Happy quilt is a 1-minute drive(or less) from my place!! I didn’t know how close it was until I was there! I’m sooo Happy! 🙂


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